Ezycoat Dryers are now made by Steve Duke.

By talking with other exhibitors at the various shows we travel to and by speaking with professional dog-groomers we were able to design dryers that have overcome the problems experienced with other dryers. These problems have included noisy, underpowered, short lived motors, filters that did not work properly, other filters that were so restrictive they reduced airflow or let hair penetrate the dryer and cause damage to the armature, even fire hazards when hair would wrap around the heating element.

Ezycoat Dryers are designed and built from a users perspective to meet the performance criteria he and others like him needed.

  • Powerful motors built from quality components
  • Efficient filtering system that stops hair penetrating without restricting airflow
  • Easily serviceable, lightweight and quiet units
  • 240 Volt - 50 Cycles
  • 110 Volt - 60 Cycles (USA)

The Result; EZYCOAT Professional Dryers